This is not reality

Composition for two violins and one speaker




 I + II Violin/ Speaker


This is not reality is written for two violins which are equally important. I named them violin 1 and 2 in order to be able to distinguish them. 


As the composition is written for a large room (factory hall) with a lot of reverberation the visual communication is crucial. Especially because they are supposed to be playing in a distance of ca. 15m.

They enter in a visual and acoustic dialogue in which they permanently change the lead and several times throughout the composition become equal by playing unisono.


Between both of them stands the speaker as third element which is meant to be the 3th element of this dialogue. It intervenes, introduces and interacts with the violin parts in a homogenous way. The speaker faces towards the middle so a perfect triangle results by the constellation of the three elements

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