String Quartet No. I




 I + II Violin/ Viola/ Violoncello


‘M’ is inspired by a little town in south of Germany named Emmendingen where I stayed during the spring of 2018. Living nearby the local church I have been hearing the bells every hour, day by day. Although it sounded permanently it surprisingly never bothered me unless other churches. That is how I became interested in the bells main melody (C-G-Bb-Eb). 


As a matter of fact I discovered that this specific motive which has been used in various traditional melodies got the proportions of the golden section. As a big admirer of Bela Bartok’s music I have been aware of his use of the golden section and the Fibonacci sequence (After the analysis and explanation by Ernö Lendvai). 


I found this circumstance to be an endless source of inspiration which motivated me to write the present String Quartet. 

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