Composition for Wind Orchestra




Eb Clarinet/Bb Clarinet 1,2/Bass Clarinet/Alto Saxophone/Tenor Saxophone/French Horn/Cornets 1,2/Trumpet/Flugelhorn/Trombone/Euphonium 1,2/Tuba/Timpani/TubularBells/Marimba/

Snare Drum/Bass Drum/Triangle/WindChimes/Shaker/Cabasa/Cymbals/Wood Blocks/Tam-tam


Malta, Gozo and Comino are Islands where different traditions melted together during past centuries. Each of them contributing to todays flourishing cultural diversity on the archipelago. Through different ages many folktales evolved and some of them managed to remain to the present day. One of those legends describes a parallel world, networked by portals and tunnels existing below the islands. Each of those lands with own mountains, seas and own creatures, which from time to time appear on the surface.

This composition describes an Journey between the netherworld and our world and is crossing the borders between both without deciding in which to stay. 


The Members of the Armed Forces of Malta Band under the baton of their musical director Jonathan Borg


Commissioned by the Armed Forces of Malta Band

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